Party like it’s 1945! – Radio mix Part Two!

So here’s part 2 of my WW2 radio mix, starting with D-day and ending on V-J Day – with track listing and a little bit about some of the tracks below underneath as before. (Part 1 is here.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

01.D-Day Landings news Report – John Snagge BBC Home Service.

02. The Fuehrer’s Got the Jitters – Cab Calloway. This track is awesome – it’s got a great jumping rhythm. In my head this is a soundtrack for some kind of montage.

03. USAFI advert – brilliant little “infomercial” – and this guy has the best voice ever.

04. Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) – Benny Goodman. I edited this track down a bit as it’s a very long one, and loses itself to a jazz-meander halfway through and gets a bit weird. Still this is a brilliant jumping track to dance to – check out the scene from the movie Swing Kids, where a very young looking Christian Bale jives to this track:

05. You Can’t Say No A Solider – Swing And Sway & Sammy Kaye. Girls, if you refuse a soldier you’re being un-patriotic, and he’ll probably die and it’ll be YOUR FAULT. So put out. For your country! But remember girls and boys:

06. A random little joke from Bob Hope which seems to provoke hysterical laughter…

07. Texaco Car Warden ad. This guy’s voice. Just. His voice.

08. King Porter Stomp – Benny Goodman. I think this is probably my all-time favourite swing track. I love its many different solos throughout, and the brilliant plodding rhythm of it, which is fast enough to dance to but not manic like Sing Sing Sing.

09. Head to your nearest shelter, it’s the Air Raid siren!

10. Hold Tight (Seafood) – The Andrews Sisters. “Choo-choo-cha-broadway, Ooh Cincinatti, don’t get icky with the one two three!”. My friend Cara and I can sing this the whole way through in harmony. Brilliantly weird song. “Brrrrrrrryakashaki!”

11. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Glenn Miller. Brace yourself, there’s a whole heap o’ Glenn Miller coming your way…

12. V is for Victory Call Sign – Colonel Britton. “Eh! Garcon!”

13. And The Angels Sing – Glenn Miller. Love this one too, gorgeously romantic lyrics. Nowadays men sing about wanting you to be their “shorty”. In the 1940s they sang about hearing a choir of angels every time they see you smile.

14. Record Roll-Call – GI Jill. This is from one of the GI Jive recordings.

15. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree – Glenn Miller. Another song you may know but have never heard the original. Love the lyrics “Watch the girls on the foreign shores, you’ll have to report to me, when you come marching home”.

16. You’ve Got Me This Way – Glenn Miller. “You thought it was funny, me falling so hard, I’m laughing my socks off honey, you’re really a card.”

17. Jukebox of the Air – GI Jive snippet.

18. Fee Fi Fo Fum – Artie Shaw. Love this jaunty little tune.

19. There Are Yanks – Glenn Miller. Yep, there are Yanks, and they’re all here. You must have heard the one about girl’s knickers during the war? One Yank and they’re off. Har har.

20. Army Airforces Training Command advert.

21. Temptation – Artie Shaw

22. I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time – The Andrews Sisters. This song is so beautiful and sad and gorgeous. Beautiful harmonies too.

23. Waste Kitchen Fat – Bing Crosby. “Smoooooth-edged cans.” Okay Bing, you got it!

24. A Garden In The Rain – Blue Barron & His Orchestra. I only stumbled upon this track recently but it’s a real doozy. Again, with the romantic imagery. Why don’t people write songs like this anymore?

25. Announcement of Victory in Europe Day – John Snagge BBC Home Service. Hurray War’s over! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to hear this broadcast after 6 years of war.

26. In The Mood – Glenn Miller. I couldn’t not put this in. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve danced to this track at Blitz parties or otherwise. Though I have to admit the little quiet bit in the middle is a challenge.

27. British Crowd Celebrates V-J Day – BBC Home Service. This shuffled on to my iPod as I walked out of Picadilly circus tube station the other, very bizarre to stand there and hear the roar of the crowds on that same spot over 60 years ago.

28. Opus One – Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

29. Buy a Piece of the Peace – Frank Sinatra. This is great – it’s a war bonds song but it’s popular chart music, not a jingle. Also the line towards the end “There are lands, we must, poliiiiiiice!”  – so funny, and yet so not.

30. “This Is Your Victory!” – Winston Churchill addresses the crowds.

31. Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller. An absolute gem of a track, this, and one I absolutely had to include and that felt the natural choice to conclude this mix. Every time I hear it I imagine I’m slow-dancing at the end of the night with a handsome GI. SIGH. Such a dreamy, slow little melody. If I ever get married I’d want this as my first-dance song – and when I die I want this played at my funeral too. And just to complete things maybe I’ll have it piped into the maternity ward if I ever have a baby. That’s the Circle Of Life.

SO. There it is! Hope you enjoy – please do spread the link far and wide like the veneral disease that we all know now is not victory (glad we cleared that up).


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