Golden Rules

For a couple of months I’ve been beavering away at a very cool project that I’ve had the priviledge of being involved with, illustrating a new book by Andy Nyman. I’m literally all a-quiver with excitement to hold in my hand my first book – and for it to be such a cool one, by someone like Andy, is just…well it’s christmas.

The Golden Rules of Acting is a great little book that will be a real practical help for drama students or anyone getting started in the acting industry. More than that though, it’s a really helpful guide for anyone freelancing or working to achieve a dream.

Here’s a link to the publishers site, Nick Hern Books, where you can pre-order the book and read a little more about it: The Golden Rules of Acting – by Andy Nyman. Also check out Andy’s blog here with more details on the book and how to get a signed copy.

It was a perfect project for me to work on, illustrating quotes and snippets from famous actors, performers and writers, as I’ve been really getting into portraits and caricatures recently. You’ll have to buy the book the see all the images, but here are a couple to whet your appetite:

Michael Caine

Maggie Smith

Samuel L Jackson

And me!

Argh! So flipping excited! *runs around in circles*


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