“Scary just got sexy”….or something.

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Lately I’ve been catching up with my first true love, the tv series Supernatural. You know, finding out if we still float each other’s boats. We do. It’s well good n’all that. So I decided to give the secondary characters some love, especially as they really are brilliant, complex, funny and well played by their actors. So here are some doodles from my notebook, from left to right: Misha Collins as Castiel the trenchcoated angel, here confused by porn (“If the pizzaman truly loves the babysitter, why is he slapping her rear?); Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer, the lovable redneck; and Mark Sheppard as the crossroads-demon turned King of Hell, Crowley.

Also interesting (or not, probably): I’ve realised that I naturally draw people 3/4 view and facing left. I find it much more difficult, stiff and unnatrual to draw someone facing the other way. Something to do with being right-handed? Or just a deep-seated prejudice for people who face right?

So that’s interesting, isn’t it? Yeah. I’ll shut-up now.


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