Bridget’s Veil

At the beginning of September my beautiful best friend Bridget married her fiance Sion, back home in mid-Wales. It was a beautiful, brilliant day – I was so proud to be a bridesmaid, to be able to help out with flowers and decorating, and to have designed and made her wedding veil.

The veil was a 1930s style one based on a few pictures that Bridget had collected – a “cap” style veil with lace trimming (almost 6 meters of it all the way around) and tiny pearls sewn around the edges (almost 800 in total!).

Making something for someone you love is the best feeling in the world, and she looked so beautiful in it too. I loved the challenge of making something like this, something so delicate and special.

I’ve now got a link up here in my shop if anyone else out there would like something similar made to order.

I love weddings – and this was especially great of course because it was my best friends’ – and I got to fulfill my childhood dream and finally be a bridesmaid. But it was lovely to be part of such a fun, relaxed wedding – bunches of heather in old tin cans, arm-fulls of hydrangea, bowls of penny-sweets and pink Converse trainers for the bride.

And my favourite, of my two best friends and I:

(Photos by Andrew Campbell, with a few by myself)


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