Clever girl….

My new flatmate Colette is a very very clever girl – an incredible makeup artist, hairstylist and wigmaker currently working for the English National Opera (she’s also a wizard with prosthetics, she did our awesome zombie makeup for Halloween 2011 and turned me into a syphilitic Edwardian zombie. Now that’s a real pal for you.)

Anyway: she wanted a face to paint, I’ll happily submit to being dressed up like a doll, our fabulous photographer friend Claire Bilyard of Scarab Pictures was enlisted to shoot the whole shebang, and what pretty pretty pictures she made. I will never tire of this: I’ve always been obsessed with dressing up and pretending to be someone else, and I love how utterly unlike me the person in these photos looks. Claire and Colette are incredibly talented artists, and I’m a very very lucky girl. FUN!





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