Spitfire ground crew


Click for full size image

Okay, so we all know the flyboys are pretty cool, but what about all the others that get the planes up and at ’em? I have a lot of love for the ground-crew and the mechanics. So much that there may well be a follow up to to this image with some bomber ground-crew. Also I like drawing planes.

I’ve tried to get this as accurate as possible but please don’t throw things at me if you’re a Spitfire fantatic (who isn’t?) and something isn’t quite right (ie. a propellor with four blades wasn’t built until after 1940 you fucking idiot!)

EDIT: Since first posting this yesterday I’ve gone back and updated the image too many times to mention, since a few people pointed out inaccuracies and it bothered me so much  – I’m sorry. BACK TO SCHOOLING, JEMIMA.

But that’s it. I can’t do it anymore. It’s locked, finished, it is what it is. I promise to do better next time, honest guv’!


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