Click for full size image.

Click for full size image.

Another WW2 scene, this time from the Siege of Bastogne. Short history lesson: Bastogne is a Belgian town that was completely encircled by the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge of 1944. The US 101st Airborne paratroopers (who were used to being surrounded) along with elements of the 9th and 10th Armoured division held the town until help could reach them. I may be slightly biased because I’m a huge 101st groupie, but all the people involved in this battle were incredibly tough: despite cold weather, little proper winter clothing, food, medical supplies and ammunition, they held fast. These guys were sleeping out in foxholes in the ice and snow, for weeks at a time. The civilian population were also extraordinarily brave – particularly the nurses Renee Lemaire and Augusta Chiwy.

I’m enjoying stretching my drawing muscles by tackling something a little different – I don’t normally draw vehicles or scenes like this. In fact, this and the Spitfire from the other day are probably the first real vehicles that I’ve ever attempted.

I tried really hard to make this ambulance accurate, but typically, I bet I’ve got something wrong (eg. that type of field ambulance was never used in the ETO you fucking idiot!). Please accept preemptive apologies if so.

(Note: The title of this post will make more sense if you read this.)


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