The Game is ON!

…Except it’s sort of not. I’ve been re-watching series 2 of Sherlock (how utterly perfect is The Reichenbach Fall?) and this sort of popped out in anticipation of series 3, whenever that might be.


Something a little looser and more caricature-ish here. I adore the way Moffat, Gatiss, and of course Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott have portrayed both Sherlock and Moriarty (and their weird-ass relationship) in the series. Scott is chillingly, shudderingly brilliant as Moriarty – precisely because he’s pretty much the only Moriarty I’ve ever seen who wasn’t a pantomime villain. No moustache twirling here. Young, stylish, a little effete, and utterly, utterly insane. His unpredictability is terrifying (who saw that coming for him at the end of the last episode?). There’s a bit in the series 2 finale when he asks a female police officer to reach into his trouser pocket for some chewing gum and it’s so horrible and the way he stares at her is so….argh, makes me shiver just to think of it. So creepy.

Anyway this came out of nowhere. Enjoy.

(P.S.  A very young Andrew Scott, like pretty much every British male actor of a certain age (Fassbender! McAvoy! Pegg!) pops up in Band of Brothers. Very briefly. Very, very briefly. Poor baby Andrew Scott.)


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