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Sew for victory!


A little while ago I finished making this dress, and thought I’d post a little something about it in case anyone else out there would like to make it (it’s taken me literally years to find a modern pattern for a 1940s dress. Years.) It’s a pattern by Butterick (B5846). Ignore the crappy ’80s style artwork on front of the pattern, here’s the example on the Butterick site:


Which is actually pretty similar to the kind of 1940s style dress that I’d been looking for for years…dubarry40s

I’m by no means an expert sewer: I enjoy sewing but I find the details difficult, and patterns fairly incomprehensible when it comes to the directions. I’ve never been good at thinking in reverse, and often find that after “finishing” a piece of sewing I’ve somehow manage to sew the wrong sides together, or on the wrong way around. Or my hand. This time, I wanted to take it slowly and try and get it right.

It came out fitting perfectly, although it takes a while to get used to the very ’40s fit (fitted waist, roomy up top: it has 6 pleats at the front and 6 at the back, so it really tapers up in the boobage-area)

There was a lot of unpicking that went on here, but it worked in the end (even if it did turn out a bit more like an old lady’s housecoat than I’d intended). And I managed a ton of complicated stuff I’ve never tried before: sleeves! A collar! Piping!

And best thing ever: IT’S GOT POCKETS.


Dammit Jim!


That title up there is my new catchphrase, I am going to use it whenever and wherever applicable, and sometimes even when it’s not.

So I stumbled over this link to Nerd Pants and damn (it Jim) if they’re not just the best thing ever. I’m not even a massive Trekkie (blasphemy: I like the 2009 film) but I want the Star Trek ones – mainly because I imagine they’re standard Starfleet issue. Kirk and Spock stride around the bridge in them on Casual Fridays.

I want the whole set so I can see if I’m statistically more likely to have a crap day when wearing the red ones.

Obviously I’m enough of a Trekkie to know what that means.