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“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of ELDERBERRIES!”

I’m currently knee-deep in all things Arthurian, and really enjoying reading the Arthurian legends (The Death of King Arthur by Peter Ackroyd),  but I’ve realised now that the reason Monty Python’s The Holy Grail was so funny and ridiculous is because it’s pretty spot-on. Seriously, these knights were dicks, and the noble King Arthur the biggest dick of them all. The women are stupid, changeable, and/or evil seductresses, and the knights are either knuckleheaded idiots or pious whiners, and often both at once.

Still, it makes for some fun doodles. Here’s a couple, hopefully to be a series at some point:

This happens more times than I could count. The cuckolded husband never sees it coming, yet always has to let the wife go else “dishonour” himself. Idiots.

This is pretty much verbatim (well, you know) from the book. Honestly. Idiots.