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“You are very amiable, no doubt, but you would be charming if you would only depart.”

JW_Musketeers Sketches_W

SO I’m completely loving Musketeers on the BBC at the moment. Much fun, and and and! Those costumes! Absolutely gorgeous. The men in them aren’t bad either, but it says a lot about a show when the first viewing is spent admiring the costumes (“Phwoar! Look at that embossed leather pauldron!”) and you only notice the hot men on repeat viewings (“Phwoar! Santiago Cabrera!”)

Still, they have fun shaped costumes to draw (gotta love those collars) and interesting faces (Tom Burke especially). So this happened:

I’m also reading The Three Musketeers at the moment, which I’m loving and finding a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I read an abridged version when I was an obnoxious little 8 year old inflated with pride that I was able to read the contents of the little bookshelf in the corridor usually reserved for the older age group (I was an insufferable swot) but it was an awfully long time ago. The heading of this post is a quote from the book. The version I bought also has a cover illustrated by Tom Gauld, which makes it about a billion times more fantastic that it already was. Tom Gauld is just a genius.


The Game is ON!

…Except it’s sort of not. I’ve been re-watching series 2 of Sherlock (how utterly perfect is The Reichenbach Fall?) and this sort of popped out in anticipation of series 3, whenever that might be.


Something a little looser and more caricature-ish here. I adore the way Moffat, Gatiss, and of course Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott have portrayed both Sherlock and Moriarty (and their weird-ass relationship) in the series. Scott is chillingly, shudderingly brilliant as Moriarty – precisely because he’s pretty much the only Moriarty I’ve ever seen who wasn’t a pantomime villain. No moustache twirling here. Young, stylish, a little effete, and utterly, utterly insane. His unpredictability is terrifying (who saw that coming for him at the end of the last episode?). There’s a bit in the series 2 finale when he asks a female police officer to reach into his trouser pocket for some chewing gum and it’s so horrible and the way he stares at her is so….argh, makes me shiver just to think of it. So creepy.

Anyway this came out of nowhere. Enjoy.

(P.S.  A very young Andrew Scott, like pretty much every British male actor of a certain age (Fassbender! McAvoy! Pegg!) pops up in Band of Brothers. Very briefly. Very, very briefly. Poor baby Andrew Scott.)

Wibbily wobbily timey wimey.

SuperSonicDr_CWI love the Doctor. I mean, properly love him, in the way that girls who’ve been lonely awkward geeky teenagers love him – it’s the thought that he could chose anyone to travel with him, might choose you, that keeps us coming back each series. I thought David Tennant was the be-all and end-all, until I saw Matt Smith. God that man’s face is weird – you know, in an interesting, super sexy way. SIGH. Very fun to try to draw, anyway.

Here’s a version with Clara too – not sure how successful, but there we go.


Being Human – The Trinity




A little Being Human sketch – these guys have great faces to draw. I did a pencil sketch about a week ago but haven’t had a moment to “finish” it until today – though am unfortunately having a Can’t Draw If My Life Depended On It day today (it happens occasionally, when you feel that any scrap of ability you might have had is just…elsewhere, for a while), so the caricatures definitely lost something along the way. Ah well.